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while not actually anonymous. A board made for the sole purpose of moving all the Touhou and Type-Moon, which used to

asp/ - One of the newest boards that consists of hipsters discussing way cool alternative sports such as skateboarding. lit/ here is your damn book board moot! Seriously, are you people that fucking devoted to being such utter basement-dwellers you can't just find your own porn, you have to get /gif/ to do it for you? Basically just /v/ for anime and, as such, churns out its own memes at a similar rate. For example, a 2014 post suggested that readers should microwave their cell phones to activate a hidden feature. This board is truly a piece of shit. No, faggots are absolutely nothing like straight people. You could come across a hacker on almost any website, but it's unlikely that anyone on 4chan would try to hack you, and nothing happens to you simply by posting somewhere. the part with "living and loving your same sex partner" is the main and constant part of happines for gays.

4chan is many things to many people. 4chan porn

"thisll be the day that I die." Did mootle write the book of love, And have you lost all faith in God above, If the /b/ board tells you so? If, by some luck, you manage to find it, usually after you post a picture, in any thread (Posting pictures Requests you'll be no closer to finding the source of the picture, because /r/ is shit and never ever fucking works. People who do travel most likely wouldn't even go on 4chan in the first place, but sometimes, tourist post vacation pics in which, unsurprisingly, nobody gives a shit about. o/ - Board for cars. If you're looking for hipster faggots, /fa/ is the place to find them. No, not a board for posting shit tier quality webcam photos of yourself fapping. It was revived by mootikins on October 23, 2011 along with an apology claiming that he felt like he acted too much like whalevinyl upon deleting something that certain users had claimed their purpose for despite it going against his original intended purpose. They call themselves "tech support for the lulz". For a while, it seemed like it wouldn't, but then moot did the unthinkable: He restored forced Anon but proceeded to give every poster 24-hour ID's, so posters are anonymous biqle ninn porn while not actually anonymous. A board made for the sole jewel de nyle solo porn model purpose of moving all the Touhou and Type-Moon, which used to make up about 85 of all the threads, outside of /a because they're actually off-topic.

To Faux News, 4chan is a hazardous Leftist Internet Hate Machine filled with domestic others, it is that site full of weeaboos, trolls, children, and pedophiles that churns out many of the Internet s most popular viral content.At its core, 4chan is an anonymous Japanimation-themed collection of image boards based on the popular Japanese.In this Article: Accessing Boards Exploring Boards in Depth Browsing Safely Community Q A 12 References Browsing 4chan for the first time can be an overwhelming experience.

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The posts on /s/ are curated, so less free-flowing and wild than on /b/. Show:, sort: DateThumbsViewsComments, first, last, next 35047, anon takes a Shortcut, anon goes to Trial. Scrolling through /b/ right now, I see what appears to be a legit photo of somebody dicking a mutilated corpse on a gurney. I didnt realize it had been photoshopped, which is forbidden on that board. You heard the whole place is anonymous and your perverted mind is thinking of all the different kinds of freaky shit you could do and see in a place like that. 4chan definitely isnt for general audiences, but Porn Dude readers may appreciate an occasional poke into the Asshole of the Internet. There are many categories on these sites where you will find a place to put your hot pics including /s/ on 4Chan which is the sexy board, and even /b/ which is the random board. Some boards have really specific shit.

You generally can't access 4chan with Tor.

Also goes by the IRC nicks "Dave" and "buttly". For half an hour before the panel, all text on 4chan was turned bold. As of last Thursday, this board has pretty much become a softcore version of /b except with lotsa animals. Several days before the actual tenth anniversary, the panel was streamed live. tv/ - Obligatory television/movie board. They became lonely so Moot created Bridget; Anonymous complained of this trap, but Moot proclaimed "There are no girls on the interbutt, Bridget will suffice." On the third day, Moot gave man tripcode. Concord- Retarded /b/ Mod who on accident posted with his name in his capcode instead of Anonymous # MOD swaglord- s4s mod that sometimes posts in papyruse and comic sans. I still feel like a "newfag" (which is a word mostly used by newfags, ironically) but lately I realize I've been here longer than 90 of 4chan users. Has a yellow wife (a la Kyanka ) who is shamefully ugly, as evinced by the fact that she had to settle for a 4chan dork instead of a more sukksessufuru Amelican. Full of normal people.

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Despite newfags denying its existence, and moot himself trying to make everyone forget about it, for a while 4chan had a dedicated loli board.! If you don't know what board the post is from then there's nothing you can do, since post numbers are just a sequential number to track posts on a particular board and are not unique across the whole site.

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