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You are waiting for the revolution? But as Shiite Extremists eager for the overthrow (by any means) of all police, ayatollahs, bankers, executioners, priests, etc., we reserve the option of venerating even the "failures" of radical excess. "Revolution" means just another turn of the crank- -while religious orthodoxy of any sort leads logically to a veritable government of cranks. The TAZ is not a harbinger of some pie-in-the-sky Social Utopia to which we must sacrifice our lives that our children's children may breathe a bit of free air. Give each of these four terms a different mask of language (to call the Furies "The Kindly Ones" is not mere euphemism but a way of uncovering yet more meaning ). Everything is hopeless I knew it before you did, asshole. I myself possess it in abundance. Wilhelm Reich was driven half mad killed by agents of the Emotional Plague; maybe half his work derived from sheer paranoia (UFO conspiracies, homophobia, even his orgasm theory BUT on one point we agree wholeheartedly- sexpol : sexual repression breeds death obsession, which leads. Here I wish to suggest that the TAZ is in some sense a tactic of disappearance. Hermes Poimandres taught the animation of eidolons, the magic in-dwelling of icons by spirits-but those who cannot perform this rite on themselves on the whole palpable fabric of material being will inherit only blues, rubbish, decay. Leary sense of the term). If so, fine; whoever said understanding was needed to make use of an idea?) As I read it, disappearance seems to be a very logical radical option for our time, not at all a disaster or death for the radical project. Saussure was confronted with the suggestion of some sort of "meta"-linguistics which happens within language rather than being imposed as a categorical imperative from "outside." As soon as language begins to play, as in the acrostic poems he examined, it seems to resonate with self. Darkness swathed in darkness, unmanifest water. Where and when is the world of unmediated creativity? The TAZ tends to view the Tech/anti-Tech dichotomy as misleading, like most dichotomies, in which apparent opposites turn out to be falsifications or even hallucinations caused by semantics.

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